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Modell: Zetasizer Nano ZS


Measurement of particle size, zeta potential and molecular weight of samples with little or no dilution possible. Usage of disposable folded capillary zeta potential cell


Particle size: NIBS (Non-invasive back scatter) technology enables measurements of particles from 0.6nm to 6 mm.

Zeta potential: M3-PALS (phase analysis light scattering) technology enables measurements of zeta potential in aqueous and non-aqueous dispersions.

Molecular weight: An avalanche-photodiode detector and fibre detection optics give the sensitivity and stability required for absolute molecular weight measurement.


MPT-2 Autotitrator

Automated titration and sample preparation
measuring zeta potential as a function of pH, conductivity and other parameters
Operation is fully automated

Zetasizer nano ZS


Size measurementSize range:  0.6nm - 6  mm
Minimum sample volume: 12 ml
Concentration range: 0.1mg/ml Lysozyme to 40%w/v
Zeta potential measurementMinimum sample volume:  0.75ml
Maximum sample conductivity: 200mS
Molecular Weight measurementMolecular weight range:  1 x 103 to 2 x 107 Da
Minimum sample volume: 20 ml
Minimum sample volume for automated measurement using titrator: 3ml
Automated trend measurementStandard software:  Time and Temperature
Using optional MPT-2 autotitrator: pH, conductivity or additive
General specificationsTemperature range:  2ºC to 90ºC
Condensation control: Purge facility using dry air
Laser: 4mW He-Ne, 633nm
Product laser class: Class 1 compliant, EN 60825-1:2001 and CDRH
Size: 320mm, 600mm, 260mm (W,D,H)
Weight: 18kg

From Malvern Instruments Limited (www.malvern.co.uk)

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Univ. Prof. Dr. Georg. Papastavrou

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